Great Modern Harmonica Entertainment: Jazz, Classic Rock, Blues, and Popular, playing Covers & Originals in North Carolina Triangle Area
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About Smart Alec: Smart Alec uses a mixture of background tracks to play to with both the diatonic and chromatic harmonica (shown above) for easy listening with popular tunes (see Album). I play covers in Folk, Blues, Jazz, Classic Rock, and Popular depending on the venue, usually a mix . I typically use tracks of famous tunes. My background is broad based, I studied harmonica at an early age of 11 at different music schools. I have played at numerous charity events and gigs and also backed many singers. For my real job I do engineering. One of these days though I just might go full time into music as soon as I become famous!! However, I promise to remember the little people, that's because I am tall!!!

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Smart Alec Harmonica


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