Great Modern Harmonica Entertainment with or without Singing: Jazz, Classic Rock, Blues, and Popular, playing Covers & Originals in North Carolina Triangle Area
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About Smart Alec & Freinds: Accompany myself on guitar (lots of effects plus a percussion playing style) and sing or use a mixture of background tracks that I play harmonica both (diatonic and chromatic) to for easy listening popular Jazz (see Album). I play covers and originals in Folk, Blues, Jazz, Classic Rock, and Popular depending on the venue often with other artist. I often do events where I just use tracks and popular tunes. I write many songs especially for Blues competitions. My background is broad based, I studied harmonica at an early age of 11 at different music schools and picked up guitar (including lead) at the age of 18. I have played at numerous charity events and gigs and also backed up a number of singers. For my real job I do engineering. One of these days though I just might go full time into music as soon as I become famous!! Please visit my Youtube channels.

Shoot me an email if you would like some great entertainment or just want to say hello:, or at

         Smart Alec's New Album

Smart Alec Harmonica Album

Album Available at Amazon, Spotify.... and Most Everywhere

My Album Links on  Youtube (Dark Blue I sing, Light Blue Instrumental)

Moondance (Van Morrison, August Rush Movie)

At Last (Harry Warren, Mack Gordon, Etta James)

Summertime (Gershwin)

Smooth Operator - Sade

That's The Way of the World (With Earth, Wind & Fire)

The Letter (Wayne Carlson – Joe Cocker Version)

Brand New Day (Sting)

Meomya Jambalaya (Original)

Sara Smile (Hall & Oates)

Isn't She Lovely (Stevie Wonder)  

Big Band Harmonica Blues (Robert Hatfield)

True Lovin’ Blues (Original)

Since I Fell For You (Buddy Johnson)

Comin' Home Baby (Ben Tucker)

Blue Note Blues (Original)

Stormy Monday Harmonica (T-Bone Walker)

Angels Looking Down (Original)

Other Studio Quality Songs

New York State of Mind (Bily Joel) jazz classic

Stand By Me (Ben E. King) (Blues Style)

Why Do I got the Blues?  

Psychopathic Blues (Mental Illness Psychopathic Schizophrenic Paranoia Blues)

Other original blues songs (not recorded yet) include: Renegade Cosmic Blues, Rock Bottom Blues, Elvis' Blue Swede Shoes,  Jute Box, Say Hey, It's All About Me, Holy Crossroad  Blues


Smart Alec Playing for Change

Hey Congressman Joe, I Heard You Shot Gun Control Down (links coming soon)

Boarders (links coming soon)

Step Up and Keep the World a Beautiful Place (SmartAlec Original, Diatonic, Word, Guitar, Sing)


More Coming Soon...


Smart Alec Harmonica 

Smart Alec Harmonica List of Songs that I Play at Events Smart Alec Harmonica

Harmonic Types (Chromatic - has a button on end, Diatonic - smaller and used often for blues style)

There are a few tracks that I have recorded myself at some open mic events, the sound quality is not the best. The only study quality recording is the first song below. I will try and add more studio quality songs soon.



Smooth Jazz

Playing the Blues

Playing in the Blues Style

Playing Popular Songs

My Original Songs


Comedy Blues

Popular Songs



Smart Alec Harmonica



Contact: Smart Alec, (617) 943-9034 or email: